New product

This is how you create a new product in Conta.

This is how you create a new product in Conta.

From the front page, click on the top left navigation menu. Click on PRODUCTS, then click the NEW PRODUCT button.

Alternatively, you can create a new product while creating an invoice.

Mandatory fields

Several fields need to be filled out, and some are optional. Notably, the tax field is mandatory: This is where you select which tax should be applied to each sale of the product in question.

You can select between:

  • Export
  • Goods & service tax
  • GST-Free
  • Input-taxed sales

We recommend speaking to an accountant if you are unsure which one to use.

Give the product a name and a price, and specify which tax should be applied, even if it’s no tax at all.

You may also give the product an optional serial number if you so desire. This is a completely optional feature.

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