Add a user

You can add as many users as you want to your business in Conta. The users will be able to send and manage invoices for your company.

To add a user, click BUSINESS SETTINGS in the top-right menu:

The top right menu, where you can find your personal settings, business settings, switch between businesses and log out.

Then go to Users and click INVITE NEW USER.

The users overview, where you can add new users to your business.

How to add a user

Enter their name and email address and click INVITE.

The invite new user-page in Conta, where you enter a name and email address to invite someone else to manage your business.

You can now see the new user in the list:

The user overview in Conta, where you can see all the users, resend invitations, delete users and invite new users.

Click on the paper plane icon to resend the invitation. Click on the user icon to delete the user.

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