Forgot your password?

It happens, but don’t worry, we’ll help you reset your password. On the login page, simply click Forgot your password?: Enter your email address and click SEND RECOVERY EMAIL. We’ll send you an email with a link to reset your password. If you forgot your email address, you can contact us.

How to credit an invoice / create a credit note

For documentation purposes and legal reasons, you cannot delete an invoice. If you make a mistake when you create an invoice—or you agree with the customer that they don’t have to pay the invoice—you have to create a credit note. An invoice is a type of accounting documentation, and you’re not allowed to alter or […]

Register payment

You’ve gotten paid. Congrats! Now it’s time to register the payment in Conta. On the homepage, simply click on the invoice under the Follow up or Unpaid invoices-section or search for it in your invoice overview. CLICK REGISTER PAYMENT. The invoice sum will be prefilled as the paid sum, but you can edit this if […]


You can add several business to Conta, and send invoices for free from all of them. To add another business, click CHANGE BUSINESS on the homepage or in the top-right menu. You will see a list of your business. Click CREATE NEW BUSINESS to add another businesses. You will be asked to enter your business […]

Technical issues?

They happen. Try these solutions if you’re having problems accessing Conta. Step 1. Check if you’re connected to the internet Check if you can connect to websites like Google or Wikipedia. If these sites also don’t load, you might have internet connection issues. If you’re using a wireless network, start by checking that you’re connected […]

Add your business

The first time you create an invoice in Conta, you’ll be asked to add your business details. This information will appear on the invoices you create, and let your customer know who the invoices are coming from. Not ready to send an invoice yet? You can add your businesses to Conta now, so that you […]


The homepage gives you an overview of how much you’ve invoiced this year, as well as which invoices you need to follow up on. It’s easy to create an invoice in Conta. To get started, click CREATE INVOICE. In the top-left menu, you can find your invoices, customers and products.  In the top-right menu, you […]


In Conta, you have personal settings for your user and business settings for your business. You’ll find both settings in the top-right menu. Personal settings Go to Personal info to update your name and email address. Go to Security settings to change your password or active two-factor authentication. Go to Notifications to turn on email […]

Create an account

To send invoices with Conta, you need an account. This is how you create your account. All you need to do to sign up to Conta is to provide your name, email and password. We recommend using a secure password generator to create your password. It’s more secure and will you save you time when […]

Create an invoice

Creating an invoice in Conta is super easy! This is how you do it. Once you’re ready to invoice a customer, log in to Conta and click the button CREATE INVOICE. If you haven’t added your business to Conta yet, you will be asked to enter your company details and your payment details. This information […]

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