Examples of GST Rates

Here are some examples of GST (Goods and Services Tax) Rates for countries from which you can create invoices with Conta. India GST rates Rate Type Which goods or services 28% Higher Consumer durables, Air Conditioning, Automobiles, Cement, Chocolate, Accommodation above Rs 7,500 18% Standard Telephony, Banking, Insurance, Accommodation between Rs 2,500 and Rs 7,499 […]

Forgot your password?

It happens, but fear not! Password retrieval is simple as can be. On the login screen, simply click on the link that says “Or click here if you have forgotten your password?” Now you’ll be asked to input your email address and you will receive instructions by email on how to proceed from there.

How to credit an invoice / create a credit note

You cannot delete an invoice. If you make a mistake creating an invoice, or otherwise agree with the customer that they don’t have to pay the invoice, you must create what is called a credit note. Invoices are machine-generated, numbered, unique documents that cannot be altered once they’ve been created. A credit note is a […]

Register payment

You’ve gotten paid. Now it’s time to register the payment in Conta! Simply go to to the invoices page, and click on the relevant invoice. Now, from the invoice card, select REGISTER PAYMENT, and you will see an option to edit the sum received, as well as the date you received payment. Click SAVE PAYMENT […]


One user can have access to one or more businesses in Conta. You may create an unlimited number of businesses to send invoices from* On the front page, you will immediately see your business under the MY BUSINESS card. From there, you may switch to another business profile by clicking CHANGE BUSINESS. When clicking on […]

Having technical issues?

It happens! Please give these solutions a try and see if it helps. If things are not working as expected in Conta, try first to figure out if the problem is local to your computer or network. Step 1 Try using a different web browser than the one you normally use. Additionally, plug-ins and other […]

Create a business

Once you are logged in for the first time, you will get prompted to create a business. Creating a business is needed to begin sending invoices. By the way, you may at any time create new businesses by clicking the CHANGE BUSINESS button on the Home page and then clicking ADD BUSINESS. Step 1 – […]


This is where you can get an overview of your invoicing activities with immediate access to most features just a click away. Starting off with the main navigation menus, located at the top-left, is where you’ll find all the options you need to navigate Conta.  You may start drafting an invoice by clicking the CREATE […]


There are two settings pages in Conta, both of which can be accessed from the Person-icon in the top bar. Business settings These are settings related to your businesses where you can edit basic info, add more business, and switch between them. The info you give about a business here will be added to subsequent […]

Create an account and initial setup

You’ll need a user account to log in and use Conta to send invoices. This is how you do it. On the sign up form, please give your name and email address. You will also need a password – we also recommend using a secure password generator from Bitwarden, for example. That way you can […]

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