The customer register is an overview of your customers you've added to Conta.

The customer register is an overview of your customers you’ve added to Conta.

The customer register in Conta, showing all your customers and their information

To get to the customer register, go to the top-left menu and click CUSTOMERS.

By default, your customers are sorted alphabetically from A-Z. You can click on the Customer name-header to sort from Z-A.

In the search field, you can search by the customer’s name, email or address.

Add a new customer by clicking NEW CUSTOMER.

View, edit or archive a customer

Click on a customer in the customer register to see more information about them. You can see how many invoices you’ve sent to this customer, how much you’ve invoiced them for, and how much money the customer is due to pay you:

The customer view in Conta, showing a specific customer and the information you've added

Click EDIT to edit your customer. You can change the customer name, address and organization number, if applicable.

The edit customer-page in Conta, where you can see and edit customer information

You can also add the customer’s email, phone number, as well as additional invoice recipients by filling out the Email CC-field. If you’ve agreed to a fixed discount for this customer, you can also add it here. All this information will be automatically added to your invoices.

Once you’re done, click SAVE.

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